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True Love Can Undo Any Spell

As I was watched a TV show last night, a message that I continued to hear was “true love can undo any spell.”  There was a character that had fallen in love with the mostly unlikely man in the town.  He was mean and hard-hearted; however, he had not always been this way.  

As she spent more time with him and as time went by, she fell in love with this hard-hearted man.  He thought that she had some ulterior motive for loving him.  You see, his life had become a life of deals.  People only came to see him when they wanted something.  They never genuinely cared about him.  It was always about what they could get from him; and in turn he only gave people things in return for something.  In doing this, he built this hard heart. Some may call it a wall, a way to protect his feelings; and some may call it a way to cope.  Whatever your term, his deals always had a consequence.  The lady that loved him could not understand why he was so hard-hearted; and he could not understand how she could possibly love him for who he was.

From this show, I went to sleep thinking… In many cases, those that need our expressions of the love most are often those that we hesitate to give it to.  Those that truly need our understanding of their situation are those that we try desperately to avoid.  We can all attest that it is easy to love the person that loves you back.  It’s easy to help those that have or are in a position to help you.  But it is so much harder to give love to someone that you believe, or are certain, is going to throw it away.  It’s harder to rationalize helping that person that you believe would never help another.  Yet, these are the people that need some love the most.  I also began thinking how important it is for leaders to see the potential in our people.  We must look beyond the surface and search for the potential.

Take a chance… Give some love!  Speak that kind word, do that good deed and show that compassion, even if you are fairly certain that it won’t be reciprocated.  Cultivate the buried potential in someone.  Do it not because you want something in return, but because it may be that one thing the other person really needs.  

Do it because… True Love Can Undo Any Spell