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Take a Deeper Look

Most people see movies, television shows and music as purely a form of entertainment.  They find the chance to go see a movie as a few hours to “get away.”  It’s a chance to escape from the kids, the stress of the job, the house work or the yard work.  Most people listen to music and hear the beat and rhythm and it too serves as pure entertainment.  It provides the chance to dance and maybe even get some exercise.

However, for me, going to the movies or watching a television show is more about the lessons being taught than the entertainment.  For me, I listen to the story being told through a song more than I listen to the beat and the feel of the rhythm.  When I talk to people about a movie or a song, they find it interesting that I gathered so much.  They are surprised how I am able to garner so much from something they saw as entertainment.  I have found that this is just “the way that I am wired”; so where you may see a funny movie, I see a great lesson.  Where you may hear an awesome beat, I find a fascinating lesson.

My challenge to you is... Take A Deeper Look!