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Diversity - It’s an Imperative!

I cannot think of a single sport where a team without diversity can beat a team with diversity. If you have all wide receivers and no quarterback… you can’t win; all power forwards and no guards… you can’t win; all midfielders and no strikers… you can’t win. If you have all defense with no offense, at best you are only able to tie. So, it puzzles me that so many organizations and individuals still struggle with the question of “Why is diversity important?”

Organizational Diversity…

The historical rationale for diversity has been… “It’s the right thing to do.”  However, today’s rationale goes deeper.  Today’s rationale speaks to the business imperative! Most businesses are developed to make a profit, so the importance of diversity to the business is helping to achieve the profit for which the business was established. Diversity brings a better understanding of market places, the ability to better manage costs, the ability to better identify opportunities and the ability to be better positioned to thrive in a global economy. Diversity contributes to an organization’s ability to achieve EXCELLENCE!

Individual Diversity…

On a more personal level, have you considered whether you have diversity or are you a “one trick pony” as they say?  Do you have diversity in the people with whom you associate, your professional skills, the organizations with which you associate, the food you eat, and/or the places you go?  Diversity is important to an individual for many of the same reasons that diversity is critical to a successful team and a successful organization! Diversity provides different perspectives. Having these different perspectives provides an opportunity to evaluate whether another way is more efficient or effective. Diversity helps you become the BEST you, you can be!