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All defense with no offense... At best you are able to tie. Diversity is essential to an organization’s ability to achieve EXCELLENCE and assists you in becoming the BEST you, you can be.

Life throws us curveballs all the time. This curveball could be a new position on the job (a job you don’t want to do or possibly don’t know how to do), a death of a friend or loved one, an unexpected health issue, a financial roadblock, a challenge in a relationship, etc. The big question is…Can you hit the curve? Our ability to adjust is often challenged! That’s why Chapter 9 of my book, The Recruit: - Life Lessons -, is entitled… See Challenge as Opportunity. This chapter helps you to avoid “Trouble with the Curve.”

Take a chance… Give some love! Speak that kind word, do that good deed and show that compassion, even if you are fairly certain that it won’t be reciprocated. Cultivate the buried potential in someone. Do it not because you want something in return, but because it may be that one thing the other person really needs. Do it because… True Love Can Undo Any Spell.

Where you may see a funny movie, I see I great lesson. Where you may hear an awesome beat, I find a fascinating lesson. My challenge to you is... Take A Deeper Look!

This blog will feature a variety of topics geared towards leadership, diversity, process improvement or process reconstruction. They’ll range from innovations and interests to tips and trends that will help you make the right decisions that will build a strategic business foundation!

We’d like to announce that our website has recently launched and is now live and ready for business. Our hope is that the new website provides to the information and communication necessary to become a valued customer of our company.